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Macedonian Mafia

I am a Macedonian from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Macedonia. The Macedonian Mafia is a term used to describe illegal gangs and criminal organisations operating in my country Macedonia and within the Macedonian diaspora.
Macedonian organized crime figures operate mostly in Europe and North America (countries such as Germany, Austria, United States, Canada, Monaco, Italy, France, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, England, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bulgaria are primarily favored by Macedonian organized crime figures for operating in or for forming partnerships with local organized crime groups, primarily from other Balkan or Eastern European countries as well as Italian syndicates, for their cultural, linguistic, ethnographic and geographical similarities as well as because of existing mutual ties between the organized crime groups or their members abroad and in the home countries, or the use of countries such was Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Cyprus for off-shore banking and money laundering), as well as Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Macedonian organized crime groups co-operate with other Balkan organized crime groups including the Serbian, Bulgarian and Albanian groups, both in the Balkans and in other places around the world, as well as the Italian mafia and the Russian mafia (through Bulgaria). Macedonian organized crime is usually centered around all types of legitimate businesses alongside typical organized crime activities such as smuggling, import and export, drug trafficking, extortion, arms trade, fraud, auto theft, racketeering, gambling, human trafficking, murder, contract killing, bodyguarding, prostitution and money laundering. Macedonian organized crime is also involved in security companies like the Bulgarian mafia, as well as with them, especially operating out of cities in eastern Macedonia, such as Štip. They are thought to have ties with the Janev Clan and the Albanian Mafia when concerning the trade of tobacco. Macedonian organized crime in Australia and Toronto, Canada is predominant among youth.
Macedonian organized crime, similarly to Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian and Russian organized crime, utilizes the concept of using security groups to protect their businesses, enforce their power and eliminate competition. These security groups are usually composed of ex military, special forces, martial artists/MMA fighters and bodybuilders. While most security groups are responsible for low level activities such as posing as nightclub bouncers(nightclubs are a Macedonian gangsters' favorite meeting and party place, along with the kafana). These security groups hide behind and operate mainly under a corporate structure, but some are more militarized than others and have been labelled as terrorist groups. It's also safe to say that the Macedonian military itself is also heavily influenced and involved in organized crime activities and is a breeding and training ground for some gangsters. Some well known and higher quality security groups usually possess Macedonia's best and most infamous enforcers, and aside having checkered backgrounds these criminals have gone to be the top ranking Macedonian politicians(presidents and prime ministers) and businessmen's personal security detail and bodyguards. They have even killed people on their behalf.
Same as the above, the banking system in Macedonia heavily relies on organized crime in order to flourish, with limited foreign funding from its umbrella banks in Western European countries, it's unable to flourish on its own. It's also safe to say that some Western European, Russian and Middle Eastern banks have set up money laundering centers in Macedonia in the form of banks, companies, religious and educational institutions. Recently, a growing trend in Macedonia used by organized crime groups to launder money(because of the country's poorly organized justice and financial system and widespread political corruption it's hard for law enforcement officials to find evidence highlighting any type of illegal activities in terms of financial crimes when the Macedonian legal statues on financial crime is still heavily based on the Communist Yugoslavian one which does not apply in any way to the modern Capitalist system) is through the use of gambling institutions such as sports betting and casinos.

Macedonian Mafia - Key People

_ Marjan Tushevski (aka Bokser) (killed July 2001): head boss of the Macedonian underground. -Goran Georgievski (aka Mujo) (1969–2005) (killed April 2005): Former member of the Lions special police force. Georgievski, along with several ethnic Albanian criminals operating in the Republic of Macedonia, was listed on a black list issued by the European Union. - Nikola Mojsovski (aka Koljo) (killed July 2005): 2001 Macedonia conflict combatant who was involved in racketeering in Prilep. Head boss of the Prilep underground. - Zoran Manaskov (aka Skrseniot): The alleged leader of the Frankfurt mafia, a huge Macedonian led heroin ring operating in Germany and Austria based out of the city of Veles, Macedonia.
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Closest Mario Kart 8 Game (and Switch) to Mountain West Schools

It has been said that the Mountain West conference is “At the Peak,” and to me, nothing illustrates that more, than the fact that there are 12 teams competing in the only NCAA Division 1 conference that sponsors e-sports. Of course, since the matches are played head-to-head, Boise State has an advantage because they tint the monitors blue, and play with all blue avatars; an advantage that is confirmed in their winning of League of Legends and Overwatch, but with the Spring season being cut, next year the Mountain West has announced that they will be playing Mario Kart 8, for the Nintendo Switch. Due to the large amounts of people in the Mountain West cities suddenly having $1200 burning a hole in their pocket, every store that sells Nintendo Switch has sold out of their allotment; yes, even, Amazon. So, thus the conundrum becomes: How can these players, prospects, and ordinary people practice in order to “git gud” as the gamers would say? Well, that’s where I come in. For, you see, since I am allowed out on the streets again, finally, due to both my prison sentence being cut short, and my work being determined to be “essential,” I had the time to scope out some places. Alas, while my cough and fever are not improving as much as I had hoped since I last got back from Italy, I did manage to find some time to visit all of the Mountain West cities in order to find the easiest place to get a Switch and Mario Kart 8 location. For simplicity’s sake, I am going by the football stadium since it’s a well-defined point in most locations – San José State fans, the football stadium is that big ovoid building at the corner of E Alma Ave, and S 7th St… It’s the place where the people aren’t on Saturday’s is September. Should you get hungry during your travels, I have also managed to find a some breakfast locations in the same vicinity


Air Force

Okay, so I lied a little; I tried to get into the university, but, unfortunately the men with guns wouldn’t actually let me get beyond the gate on S Gate Rd, and I was still a little jet-lagged having just gotten in from Frankfurt after having woken up for my 0610 flight for the Linate to Frankfurt leg (stupid weather prevented the flight from Denver to ABQ, but my loss is your gain). So, while this may not be the closest, it certainly will fit the bill. Tyler-Jay Rowland who lives at 3075 Navigation Drive, in Colorado Springs was more than willing to help out, especially since his son, Jeremiah, was grounded for a month for staying out after curfew two weekends in a row. As the falcon flies, this location is 5.2 miles away; in a car, it’s not too much further than that.

Boise State

Now, I don’t, technically, hate the way that Boise is laid out with the river running right through the center of town, but even though Maci Drew lives in the Clearwater Apartments, unit 323, which is in a straight line, only a quarter of a mile from the stadium, you will have to go the Exxtramile, to get to her apartment. Also, she would like me to point out, that times for a waitress like herself are a little rough, so please, if you’re hungry, skip Taco Bell, and eat at the Bar Gernika in downtown Boise, right next to the Central Plaza and Century Link Arena. “We have wifi” she said.

Colorado State

This is, by far, the most remarkable location; I had completely forgotten that they moved to an on-campus stadium, so I initially went to the Hughes Stadium location, and found a big pile of dirt. And not much else – well, if you exclude the trees that formed a nice line, that brought me back to my college days. Having corrected my too old Garmin in-car GPS, I found Tim Thatcher on 604 Balsam Ln; he’s a little deaf, so you might need to knock like you are ram-ing down the door. He bought the Switch after his wife of 35 years died to help him grieve and spend his retirement, “but it’s just making me too sad lately, and I’ve never been very good at vid’ya [sic] games. I still don’t know how I’m supposed to save the princess when she’s trying to beat me… That reminds me of my princess, who I lost last year. She was so kind, we met in high school, I had an onion on my belt as was the style in those days. They didn't have any white onions, because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones.” I’ll be honest, at this point I started zoning out because, again, fever. He honestly looked really sad as I was talking to him, so you might want to try to cheer him up, since he’s just a lonely guy bein’ a dude. In a straight line distance, you’re only going .3 miles, and it’s not too much further by car.

New Mexico

This is by far the closest location to the stadium. The UNM Lobo Club is a non-essential business in the state of New Mexico, and UNM and the Athletics Department realized that funding would need to be cut dramatically throughout the state, and with the sweetheart deal they got from the legislature this year, they decided to close all athletic facilities, including the Maloof building, home of both Eddie Nuñez’s office, and the Lobo Club. I suggest using the side door closest to the field level entrance of the stadium. That’ll take you to the weight room; an alarm will go off, the code is “1892” the year the football team first played (interesting tidbit: the marching band was founded in 1889, the same year as the university); from there enter the main hallway, and go to the first door on the left after you pass the restrooms. The last time I was there, they had a vending machine that dispensed free Mountain Dew; I was howl-ing with laughter after I found that. Also, if you see Señor Manta, say “Hola!” he’s been down on his luck since his family were killed in the accident, and now he wanders the street like a lone Lobo.

Utah State

It was like a bomb went off. No one was around; maybe they were busy playing Farmer, or having a bonfire out in the dirt behind the stadium, wit their brown-eyed girls, but Jeff Field’s dorm room, Aggie Village Community building 17, first floor, third window from the right (he leaves it unlocked, so don’t worry about access) has a Switch just sitting there on the bed, as though he borrowed it from someone, but never managed to return it before he left. Go on, take it, just say that it was yours and he left it, no one will check.


Cowboys and Cowgirls are just different, I guess; I could not find a Nintendo Switch in town for the life of me. I found many Switchblades, Light switches, and many wooden rods, so I took my horse down to Cheyenne, and found a recently laid-off Subway Sandwich Artist called Dom, who knew just where to look. He directed me to 803 West 21st St, Suite B. He told me, “yeah, the guy who runs this storefront, has a little son, about 6 years old. He keeps a Switch in his desk’s keyboard tray for when he picks his son up from school.” Because of the ordeal in Laramie, I asked him to clarify, and he did, “yeah… Nintendo switch.” He said as he looked around shiftily. If that doesn’t work you can always try Suite C, I heard they stock Switches… oh wait, not that kind.” I was going to ask him for more information, but he entered what looked like an abandoned brick building just passed the railroad tracks, “You didn’t see me,” he said. And I also didn’t hear the gunshots that went off as I walked back to my car.

Table View

School Distance Driving (mi) Straight Line Distance (mi) Drive/Drone Difference Variance (from all schools)A
Air Force 8.44 5.22 3.22 0.047
Boise State 1.00 0.282 0.718 1.069
Colorado State 0.420 0.312 0.108 1.792
New Mexico 0.206 0.191 0.015 1.920
Utah State 0.444 0.305 0.139 1.751
Wyoming 47.90 40.69 7.21 4.894
A: Variance is calculated based upon DDD’s distance from the standard deviation of DDD… Why DDD? Because, DDD is King.


Note: SDSU currently does not field an Esports team; I am including them because it seems likely that they will in the near future


Hawai’i is interesting because the Honolulu airport has a much better open air location than the El Paso airport; there’s a water path, it’s weird man, it reminds me a lot of the Tiki Room at Disn… oh, yeah, Hawai’i, Polynesia, that makes sense. Anyway, the stadium is home to the largest swap meet’s I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I did not find any Switches, but I did find a guy swapping Macadamia Nut cookies for a few dollars, so naturally, I bought some. It started to rain, so even though many people are Rainbow Warriors or Wahine, as the women prefer to be called, I am not. I stopped in at the ‘Aeia Public Library for a spell, and my phone was dead, so I needed a place to charge for a bit. The nice librarian, Akela (“it means graceful,” I was told. After I asked, “like the wolf-spirit in Hindi myths?”), pointed out, that, “We loan out all sorts of stuff here; pots, pans, sewing machines. Believe it or not, we even rent out video game systems. Our most popular is probably the Nintendo Switch, but we also have a couple of Xbox’s and PS4’s.” I guess I looked very shocked because Akela continued, “with the military surrounding us, we, the library system, get a lot of goods from contractors who don’t want to have a lot of their goods shipped back to the mainland.” Seeing how much it cost to ship out, I completely understood, and bid ¬¬Akela aloha, and failed the Hawai’I test by passing out at the nearest Embassy Suites, in Kapolei, if I remember correctly (I probably don’t, I was tired).

Fresno State

A nice cow brought me to Clovis. Much like what happened in Las Vegas, it was not the cool one, but instead the one in California. She (I saw udders), brought me specifically to 264 Clovis Ave, and said, “what you seek, from my master, is in there.” I’m not sure if it was my fever, jet-lag, a combination of them, or something else entirely, but then the cow vanished as though she was just a thing on the internet. A stray puppy passed by me in downtown, so that was probably the highlight of the trip.

Nevada (Reno)

Look, I’ll be honest, Reno to me always makes me feel like I’m going to be leaving the city without one or both of my kidneys. I don’t know why I expect Renoirs to chew my body like a Pack of Wolves, but there you are. Diedre Thomas of 128 Keystone Ave, fell on hard times. She poured herself a glass of vodka, neat, and said, “you can have anything you want,” she paused briefly to wink at me, “for the right price.” I specifically enquired about the Switch, “Anything,” she replied. She pulled out what appeared to be a small glass bowl that looked like an incense holder, and a baggie of chalk dust, and… Oh my god, she was going to smoke cocaine. Anyway, as she pulled out the pulled out the baggie, I hastily took my leave. I then went to the airport and went to my next stop….

Nevada – Las Vegas

Can you believe parents still bring their children, like elementary school aged children to Las Vegas. And it’s not the cool Las Vegas, in New Mexico, it’s the one in Nevada; well, I guess, technically they bring their kids to Paradise, and not Las Vegas, but c’mon man, there isn’t that much difference. Anyway, head to the Excalibur hotels because Carla, the housekeeper said that on average 3 Switches get left by guests every day. I then felt really depressed while walking around the hotel, so I left to check out the Mirage, where I normally stay on these Mountain West trips. I also learned that if there’s one thing that freaks me out more than the throngs of people walking the Strip, it’s when there’s nobody around. Once the new stadium gets completed it will be vastly easier to get to the casino than at the current location.

San Diego State

I stayed with Dominic, at his house of Friars Road. I was starting to feel sick to my stomach with the lack of green chile, so it was so enjoyable to spend time with a fellow New Mexican (and my roommate junior year). He took me on a little tour: Balboa Park’s stadium (home of the former Harbor Bowl, and the first tie in UNM Football history), the USS Midway, and Ocean Beach. I had forgotten about the assignment until I looked down at my feet and found a working Switch. When it was still there after an hour, I borrowed a small boat, realised, I need a bigger boat and headed out to the Ocean. Having claimed rights, I then put it back, so you might also find it.

San José State

Look, there are a lot of people who depart from the San Jose Airport. The kids who travel on these flights are slightly scatter-brained because of the adrenaline of taking a plane ride (and passing through the checkpoint), and leave some of their electronics, and I found a shoe! A shoe! Who only puts one shoe on and then walks-off? It was an adult shoe, so it’s not like a child/toddleparent left it, no, someone made a conscious decision to leave their shoe… Maybe it was a protest? Anyway, just tell the guy that you left your Switch at the checkpoint, if he asks you what color it was say, it had yellow grips that slide off, but the screen was bounded by black.

Table View

School Distance Driving (mi) Straight Line Distance (mi) Drive/Drone Difference Standard Deviation (all schools)A
Fresno State 4.46 3.28 1.18 0.644
Hawai’i 1.420 0.696 0.784 1.001
Nevada (Reno) 2.410 1.69 0.720 1.067
Nevada – Las Vegas (SBS)b 18.426 8.93 11.258
Nevada – Las Vegas (NVS)c 2.125 0.590 1.535 0.391
San Diego State 9.861 8.08 1.78 0.252
San José State 6.575 4.60 1.975 0.164
A: Variance is calculated based upon DDD’s distance from the standard deviation of DDD… Why DDD? Because, DDD is King.
b: Sam Boyd Stadium
c: New Vegas Stadium (Allegiant Field)


Even if the stores are sold out of Switches, there are always places you can go to get them, some are definitely within walking distance of your house, maybe even right next door. If you do choose to do that, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Milk 2. Eggs, specifically from Natural Grocers, if they still have member pricing. 3. Chicken thighs
Wait, that was my grocery list for last week.
  1. Basque food is amazing.
  2. The addresses are real, any businesses mention are real; the people mentioned or alluded to (with exception to the person who has an office in Clovis, CA; and Dominic in SD) are fake.
  3. No, I do not know who lives at the addresses, and unless you can look it up in the phone book, I recommend that you don’t either. Please don’t bother them.
  4. No, I am not sick… I have a lingering cough from allergies to junipemesquite pollen.
  5. I have not visited Colorado Springs/Fort Collins/Laramie/Reno/San José/Honolulu, yet.
  6. Information for the other cities comes from my memory
  7. I remember when Park MGM was the Monte Carlo
  8. Is Secret Pizza still at the Cosmo? I don’t remember seeing it the last time I was there, but that might have been because I was on the wrong floor.
  9. Toss a coin to your witcher.
  10. Normal people stop listing things at 10, but
  11. This list goes up to 11.
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Is there anywhere in Europe similar (Climate, culture and laws) to Las Vegas?

I've always wanted to live in Europe, and I maintain that one day I will. I don't care about casinos so much, but everything else in Vegas is just "home" to me. Is there anywhere in Europe like that? So far Spain and Italy seem to match climate for the most part. Laws seem to be pretty uniform around the EU. Small differences here and there. Mostly looking for culture and a lack of snow.
Updated: Home now. Time to expand a bit. I'm looking to somewhere with a Vegas climate, and it seems Spain is my most likely bet there. Somewhere central like Madrid though, as the coast will be too damn humid. The economy is crap, and I presently have no marketable skills, but I can speak enouh Spanish that I wouldn't be -totally- lost. And the climate is preferable to, say, Helsinki. I've also considered Frankfurt am Main, as my boss lived there for a long time and says it doesn't snow a whole lot or last long when it does. And I've been in love with Germany since I was a kid. German proved a lot harder for me to learn, as I wasn't constantly surrounded by it as I was with Spanish at the time... When I'm talking about culture, I mean more of the "live and let live" attitude that Las Vegas has, as opposed to, say, the "nose where it doesn't belong" attitude that comes with Salt Lake and the suburbs. And also a case of safety. I'm not from suburbia, so I'm not as afraid as someone might be, but I also don't want to have to risk being jumped between my front doocar, or my front door and the train. I know Spanish v French, or even Madrid v Barcelona culture is going to be a massive change from what I'm used to now. And personally, I think for the better. I'm a history buff and America, at least the west, doesn't have as much history as even the newest sections of Europe. Hopefully that helps clear things up as to what I'm looking for.
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FRANKFURT HAUPTBAHNHOF: Horrortat - Mutter und Kind auf Gleise gestoßen Räumung Casino Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main 03 ... Leben zwischen Strich und Heroin-Sucht in Frankfurt - YouTube Slacklinebericht ZDF Mittagsmagazin mit Waterline über die Nidda DJ Xavier Frankfurt Türk Cuba Ibrahim Tatlıses Kavur Balıkları Wiesbaden Casino djxavier.de Feldbahn Gmeinder 1.Testfahrt Räumung Casino Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main 03 ... Highlights der 50. Auktion für Historische Wertpapiere (Scripophily) am 15. September 2018 Project: HSBC Casino, Düsseldorf - 2017

Frankfurt am Main ist die größte Stadt im Bundesland Hessen und die fünftgrößte Metropole in Deutschland mit rund 2,5 Millionen Einwohnern im Ballungsraum. Trotzdem gibt es in Frankfurt kein eigenes Casino, sondern nur Spielotheken mit Automatenspiel. Für Live Poker können Sie aber umliegende Spielbanken besuchen. Wir stellen Ihnen die Poker Räume im Umkreis von Frankfurt am Main vor ... Gute Spielhallen & Casinos in Frankfurt am Main - 94 Bewertungen aus 52 Bewertungsportalen für insgesamt 23 Spielhallen & Casinos. TOP Spielhallen & Casinos auf: wer kennt den BESTEN Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. 1. Im Hauptbahnhof. 60329. Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. 3-S-Zentrale, Telefon: 069/2651055. DB-Information: 00:00 - 24:00. Mobiler Service: 00:00 - 24:00. Mobilitätsservice: Ja, um Voranmeldung unter 01806 512 512* wird gebeten. x. Deutsch. Englisch Deutsch Suchen. DB Station & Service Back. Über uns Profil 3-S Konzept Innovation & Projekte Nachhaltigkeit DB ... Frankfurt am Main ist die Finanzmetropole Deutschlands. In dieser Großstadt am Main sitzen aber nicht nur alle wichtigen deutschen Banken, sondern mit der Spielbank Wiesbaden und dem Casino in Bad Homburg auch zwei der bestbesuchten und größten Casinos des Landes in unmittelbarer Nähe. Dann finde jetzt & Spielotheken Spielangebot, Kleiderordnung, Spielbanken in Frankfurt am. und Casino Frankfurt Player`s Island, Flughafen Spielfabrik lll Spielbank in Frankfurt am. Telefonnummer ⌚ Öffnungszeiten. Über Main Schaffen Sie Aufmerksamkeit Groß-Zimmern · Frankfurt – Frankfurt -Oder. Schaffen Sie Merkur-Spielothek ... Casino Frankfurt am Main. Casino in Frankfurt am Main (Treffer 1 - 20 von 73) Kartenansicht. 50.1254011,8.7061411. CasinoNow Deutschland. Berger Straße, 175 60385 Frankfurt am Main Bornheim 069 87370320. Jetzt geöffnet. Öffnungszeiten; Webseite; Casino mit erstklassiger Technologie und führen auch manuelle Tests durch. Seit 1, 5 Jahren hilft unser Projekt Tausenden von Benutzern dabei, die ... Storm Casinos in Frankfurt am Main: In Frankfurt betreiben wir unsere Spielhallen an zwei verschiedenen Standorten. Storm Casino in Mülheim an der Ruhr: Auch in Mülheim betreiben wir eine Spielhalle und zusätzlich eine Sportsbar mit anhängigen Restaurant. Hier freuen wir uns, Ihnen einen Ort für Ihre Veranstaltungen, beispielsweise ... Frankfurt spielhalle ohne id → Casino-Test [TOP 9] In unserer Rubrik Frankfurt spielhalle ohne id finden Sie. Auch wenn wir die Reichsacht Kategorien mit einem bestimmten Überbegriff bezeichnen, hat jede dieser Kategorien weitere Teilwertungen, die in unseren Algorithmus eingespeist werden. dahingehend fluten insgesamt über 20 Teilwertungen in die Berechnungen ein und sorgen dafür, dass ... Casino Frankfurt am fantastische Indoorspielplätze in Main Gebiet ☆ Preise,☎ Kontaktdaten kommt gerne mehrmals die und Öffnungszeiten Verbringt einen Umgebung. Spielspaß bei Regenwetter. und Spaß: In Frankfurt, in Frankfurt am Main Indoor Spielparks und Indoor Main ist die Finanzmetropole von 16 — 16 Frankfurt am Main Fechenheim und Bewertung ☆ Adressen zu Spielhallen ... Ein Casino in Frankfurt am Main? Das klingt logisch, denn schließlich ist Frankfurt eine von Deutschlands international bedeutsamsten Städten. Tatsächlich gibt es aber kein Casino Frankfurt. In der Nähe der Stadt finden sich allerdings verschiedene Casinos in Hessen und auch weitere Spielbanken in den angrenzenden Bundesländern. Wer nur am Automatenspiel interessiert ist, der kann auch in ...

[index] [17707] [14043] [11790] [26496] [2277] [25947] [27222] [24916] [25942] [20200]

FRANKFURT HAUPTBAHNHOF: Horrortat - Mutter und Kind auf Gleise gestoßen

www.djxavier.de DJ Xavier Frankfurt Türk Küba düğününde. Kübalı sanatçılar İbo'ya eşlik ediyorlar. Ibrahim Tatlıses Kavur Balıkları. Türkisch Kubanische Part... Bericht übers slacklinen aus dem ZDF-Mittagsmagazin. Gefilmt wurde hinter dem Brentanobad in Frankfurt am Main an der Nidda. Das ZDF war zu Besuch bei einigen Slacklinern von Slackspot.de, einer ... Ein achtjähriger Junge ist am Montag im Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof von einem Mann vor einen einfahrenden Zug gestoßen und getötet worden. Ein Tatverdächtiger w... Die Rücktrittsforderungen gegenüber Werner Müller-Esterl werden nun immer lauter... http://www.unsereunis.de/category/frankfurt/ As part of a modernization project led by the architectural office ttsp hwp seidel Planungsgesellschaft mbH from Frankfurt am Main, a staff restaurant and associated kitchen from the 1970s were to ... Feldbahn Frankfurt am Main : Diesel - Duration: 4:11. Manfred Liese 3,498 views. 4:11. ... Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2 - Duration: 4:48. Periodik Recommended for you. 4:48. SwellPro Waterproof ... Das Video zeigt die 50 Highlights unserer 50. Scripophily-Auktion für Historische Wertpapiere am 15. September 2018 in Würzburg. Den Katalog zur Auktion finden Sie unter www.hwph.de The video ... „Meine Zähne sind weg. Meine Zähne haben 3 Monatsgehälter gekostet und jetzt habe ich keine Zähne mehr.“ About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...