Clams Casino

Free Vocal Stems Download (Clams Casino "Type" track.)

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Clams Casino - 32 Levels $11.45 (Free Shipping) Gatefold LP Jacket, Download included

Clams Casino - 32 Levels $11.45 (Free Shipping) Gatefold LP Jacket, Download included submitted by offbelmont_el to VinylDeals [link] [comments]

Clams Casino just released a free download to his GTA V instrumental "Crystals"

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Created a 152-song Cloud Rap/Chillwave playlist on Spotify. Features A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino, Yung Lean, Main Atraktionz, SpaceGhostPurrp and others. (Some songs you may not be able to play through Spotify, so download those mixtapes; they're all free and high quality).

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Clams Casino – Instrumentals (Mastered), free download of the entire album

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Clams Casino is offering a "previously unavailable high quality 320kbps digitally remastered version of Instrumentals," for free download.

Clams Casino is offering a submitted by The_Music_Director to futurebeats [link] [comments]

Clams Casino Instrumentals Mixtape 2 up as a free download (It's amazing).

Clams Casino Instrumentals Mixtape 2 up as a free download (It's amazing). submitted by marbles12 to futuregarage [link] [comments]

Download a free comp of peak Main Attrakionz loosies, featuring A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino and more

Download a free comp of peak Main Attrakionz loosies, featuring A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino and more submitted by subscribe-by-reddit to factmag [link] [comments]

This producer is a Nujabes/Clams Casino prodigy. Check out his beautiful new track "All Pretty Things". Free download!

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Respect Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect)

"I would prefer lengthier studies... and few explosions"

Liara T'Soni

Liara T'soni is an asari archaeologist, and one of Commander Shepard's closest allies. Ever since she was young she had a fascination with the protheans, the race that ruled the galaxy 50,000 years ago, and dedicated her life to studying them. While on a dig on a remote planet she was attacked by a machine race known as a geth she found herself trapped in a prothean forcefield trying to protect herself. She was finally rescued by Commander Shepard, from whom she learned her mother Matriarch Benezia has allied herself with the rogue spectre Saren Arterius. But more than that she learned that Shepard had encountered a Prothean beacon and learned the true fate of the protheans; they had been wiped out by a race of sentient starships known as the Reapers. Both for her own protection and to learn more about Shepard's experience with the beacon she joined his squad, and helped to bring down her mother as well as Saren who were attempting to bring the Reapers back.
After Shepard's death at the hands of the Collectors Liara fought against the Shadow Broker (the galaxy's most powerful information broker) to recover Shepard's body, and then spent the next two years trying to track him down to rescue a friend who was captured in the process. With the help of a newly revived Shepard she managed to find and kill the Broker, and then took control of his network to become the new Shadow Broker. With her new resources she discovered plans for an ancient device to possibly destroy the Reapers, and as the Reapers returned rejoined Shepard's crew in order to try and stop them once and for all.
Notes: A number of feats can be performed by any squadmate regardless of who they are. These feats will be marked with [Squadmate] and the gif is not guaranteed to have Liara in them. Similarly, gifs of Liara's in game abilities are performed by Shepard (since the abilities are functionally identical in game regardless of who's using them)
Hover over a feat to see the source
  • Mass Effect 1
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Mass Effect Andromeda (though Liara just has a short vocal cameo)
  • Mass Effect Redemption
  • Mass Effect Homeworlds
  • Paragon Lost (though Liara herself doesn't get any feats from this)
Beyond this there are some novels that Liara does not appear in but still provide information about the setting
  • Mass Effect Revelations
  • Mass Effect Ascension
  • Mass Effect Retribution
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Initiation
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation
Information on In-Universe Technology
Firearms: Mass Effect firearms work by using mass effect fields and electromagnetism to accelerate metal slugs to sufficient velocities and are designed to squash or shatter on impact. A single weapon can hold thousands of rounds, smaller than grains of sand. In general Mass Effect weaponry tear up stone and concrete, destroy a satelite uplink in a single shot, and at enough damage blow apart enemy heads
Body Armor: Body armor is made of fabric hardsuits with kinetic padding, with less flexible areas potentially reinforced with ceramic. These suits can be be sealed to protect against hostile enviornments. Resistance to gun fire depends on the amount of reinforcement over a given body part.
Kinetic Barriers: Kinetic barriers create mass effect fields that repel projectiles moving at sufficiently high velocity. Barriers can easily block single shots from pistols and submachine guns, and in the novels these can block at least limited shots from assault rifles and sniper rifles

Biotic Abilities

Biotics are the ability to create mass effect fields and manipulate dark energy to produce effects like telekinesis. However using biotic abilities requires time and concentration, and can be very draining. All asari are biotics, and Liara is no exception.
General Telekinesis/Gravity Manipulation
Warp: Uses mass effect fields to warp and wreak havoc on the foe
Stasis: Creates a mass effect field to immobilize the target
Singlularity: Projects a sphere of dark energy which produces a powerful gravitational effect that pulls nearby enemies and objects towards it,

Weapons and Equipment

Guns: Liara is trained in pistols and submachine guns, and in gameplay will wield one of each.
Body Armor


Note (in the Redemption comic at least) Liara seems to enhance her physicals with her biotic powers.


Asari Physiology
Combat Skill
Tech Skill/Resources

The Shadow Broker

After killing the previous broker, Liara assumed his position and gained access to the largest and most powerful information network in the galaxy.
Glyph: Glyph is the name of the Shadow Broker's personal data assistant

"The world of intrigue isn't that different from a dig site. Except that the dead bodies still smell."

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[For Sale] Making Space for Baby - Selling Sealed Indie Records - Mostly Colored, Limited/Exclusives, Signed, and Box Sets

Preparing for a baby early next year and the wife is making me sell a lot of my personal collection to make some space.
Long-time lurkecollector (as shaznay4508), first-time poster. Find my 100% positive feedback and other items for sale on Discogs as shaznay4508 and on eBay as musicsaves4508. Happy to get verified if that is possible. Items are all in-hand and ready to ship from North Carolina within 24 hours of payment.
Everything is factory sealed and in Mint/Near Mint condition unless stated otherwise; most are Limited Edition or Exclusive releases, and most will include download codes. I'm a bit manic about my records, so everything has been stored carefully in a smoke-free home. I want my records to make it to a good home in the same condition they left my home; so you can rest assured I will do my best to package all items securely and carefully. Some will be priced to sell and some may be priced higher, probably because I have a personal connection and would really prefer to keep it part of the hoard.
I am tired of eBay and Discogs fees and have been wanting to try posting here for once to see if I have traction or just get shamed. The stuff listed is only a small selection of my actual collection, so let me know if you have any questions/offers/trades (I have one copy of Endless, not for sale, but I would trade it for Black Friday Blonde). Keep in mind I have been subscribed to Vinyl Me Please and Third Man Vault for quite some time; if you know of any releases on your want list, make me an offer I can't refuse. If this goes well I can post more.
Shipping is $5 up to 5 discs (up to, every 5 LPs adds $5 more) (Media Mail to the US only; message me for international options). Prefer Paypal, but can accept Venmo, Cash App, and ChaseQuick Pay.

-Standard, Colored, Limited Edition, & Exclusive Releases:
Angel Olsen - My Woman (Purple) - 2LP - $45
Angel Olsen - Phases (Olive Green) - LP - $40
Aphex Twin - Syro (Gatefold, Black) - 3LP - $25
Better Oblivion Community Center ‎– Better Oblivion Community Center (Orange LP) - $40
Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial (Black) - 2LP - $20
Clams Casino - 32 Levels (White) - $40
Cody Jinks ‎– Lifers (VMP, Yellow/Red Splatter) - $70
Dave Chappelle - The Age of Spin & Deep In the Heart of Texas (Clear w/ Black Smoke) - 4LP - $40
DIIV - Is The Is Are Special Edition (Clear w/ Marbled Blue/Yellow, Pink/Red), - 2LP - $50
Father John Misty - Pure Comedy (Loser, Colored) - 2LP $35
Father John Misty - Fear Fun (Red) - LP - $40
Florist - Emily Alone (Black/White Split) - $50
Flume - Skin (Purple Swirl) - 2LP - $95
Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight (180g, Black LP, 10th Ann. Ed.) - $50
Future Islands - The Far Field (180g, White LP) - $25
Jim James - Eternally Even (Gold LP) - $25
Jungle - For Ever (Gold) - 2LP - $35
Kanye West/Jay Z - Watch the Throne (Official Picture Disc)- 2LP (VG+) - $95
Khruangbin ‎– Live At Lincoln Hall (Purple LP) - $80
Khruangbin ‎– The Universe Smiles Upon You (White LP) - $100
Khruangbin ‎– 全てが君に微笑む (Japan Exclusive compilation of early Khruangbin singles) - $75
Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein ‎– Stranger Things Volume One (Soundtrack, Score) (Clear w/ Black Smoke) - 2LP - $30
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti Remastered Deluxe Edition (180g, Black) - 3LP - $50
Led Zeppelin ‎– The Complete BBC Sessions (Black LP) - $120
Leon Bridges - Coming Home (Red LP) - $100
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (Black LP) - $25
Mac Demarco - make offers on his entire discography
Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (Red LP) - $50
Migos - Culture (Gold LP) - $25
Mountain Goats - Goths - 3LP (2 Red, 1 Green) - $25
Nina Simone - At Town Hall (Pink) - $25
Pink Floyd - The Wall (180g, Black) - 2LP - $40
Radiohead - In Rainbows (Black) - $20
Rhye - Blood LP (2LP, Purple) + Summer Days (12", Red) - 3LP - $75
Sleigh Bells - Treats (180g, Black, Issued unsealed in a poly outer bag) - LP - $20
Sylvan Esso - Sylvan Esso (Coke Bottle Clear LP) - $75
Tame Impala - Currents - (Violet/Amber) (US Edition) - 2LP - $100
The Avalanches ‎– Wildflower (Red) - 2LP - $55
The Band - Music From Big Pink (Pink) 2LP - $65
The Beatles - Abbey Road (Black) - LP - $30
The War On Drugs ‎– A Deeper Understanding (Yellow/Orange) - 2LP - $60
The War On Drugs ‎– Slave Ambient (Blue) - 2LP - $55
Toro y Moi - What For? (Blue/White Starburst) - LP - $40
Tops - Sugar at the Gate (Yellow LP) - $20
The Mountain Goats ‎– Beat The Champ - 3L P(1 Orange, 1 Green, 1 Red) - $40
Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride (Spotify, Blue/Green Split) - $95
Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM) - Vaudeville Villain (Silver, 15th Ann. Ed.) - $30
Weezer - The Blue Album (180g, Blue) - $40

J Cole - KOD (Red, Signed) - $75
Kacey Musgraves - A Very Kacey Christmas - (Signed, Green) Amazon Exclusive Edition - $200
Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Unmastered. (Black, Signed) - $50
Mac Demarco - This Old Dog (Signed Poster, White Vinyl) - $80
Matt Morton - Apollo 11 (Soundtrack) (Black, Signed by both Morton and Director Todd Douglas Miller) - $30
Mitski - Be the Cowboy (Signed Poster, Polaroids, /100) - $50
TLC - TLC (Black, Signed LP) - $50
Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride (Black, Signed) - 2LP - $100

-Box Sets:
Amy Winehouse - The Collection (Black) - 8LP - $120
Black Eyed Peas - The Complete Vinyl Collection (12LP) - $160
David Bowie - Sound & Vision (1989, Clear) (Used) - 6LP - $180
DJ Koze - Knock Knock (Indie Exclusive) 3LP+7"+10"+CD Boxset - $45
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong ‎– Complete Studio Master Takes (Black 5LP, Blue 10") - 6LP - $80
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass (Black, 2017 Lt Ed) 3LP - $60
Gorillaz - The Now Now Deluxe Box Set(180g, Blue) - LP - $75
La La Land OST - The Complete Musical Experience 2CD/3LP (Blue, Black) - $105
My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (Live at The Fillmore San Fran) - 4LP - $40
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium - 4LP - $35
Run the Jewels - RTJ3 (Limited Edition Super Vinyl) (Blue 2LP, Gold 2LP) - 4LP - $120
Songs: Ohia - Love & Work The Lioness Sessions Box Set (Purple) - 2LP - $60
Sufjan Stevens - Songs For Christmas (Black) - 5LP - $55
The Beatles Stereo Box Set(180g, Box Set + Book) - 16LP - $500
The War On Drugs ‎– A Deeper Understanding (Coke Bottle Clear 2LP, Black 12", Clear 7", + CD) - $80
Thundercat - Drunk 4x10 inch (Red) - $35
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[DISCUSSION] An essential (album) guide to Lo-fi Hip Hop.

[DISCUSSION] An essential (album) guide to Lo-fi Hip Hop.
  • One of the originators and perhaps the sole master of the sound which Lo-fi Hip Hop derives from and long before it was coined Lo-fi Hip Hop was RZA: musician and record producer respectively from the group from Wu-Tang Clan and the mastermind behind their 1993 debut album "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)". The album became a blueprint for hardcore Hip Hop in the early 90s. It also served as an inspiration for Hip Hop instrumental albums and breakbeats, which implemented chopped samples of genres as jazz, soul and musical traditions from Asia.
  • In 1999 RZA went on and produced one of the first major Hip Hop instrumental albums for the movie: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

  • In 2007 RZA released the album: The RZA—Instrumental Experience. It contains a set of his well-known tracks, alongside several lesser-known ones from various projects.

The RZA—Instrumental Experience
The RZA—Instrumental Experience

  • While RZA was expanding his sound from NY across the world during the mid-90s, another contemporary namely J Dilla from the underground hip hop scene in Detroit started to gain attraction as a Hip Hop instrumentalist. J Dilla released several studio albums, compilations and dozen of posthumously released work, which makes it is difficult to single out a specific album among his discography that describes Lo-fi Hip Hop. However a single favorite of mine is the track "Nothing Like This" from the 2003 album: Ruff Draft.

Ruff Draft
Ruff Draft

  • Nujabes, was a Japanese record producer, DJ, composer and arranger who produced atmospheric instrumental albums, mixing conventional hip hop and jazz. Nujabes released three solo studio albums, including the 2003 debut album: Metaphorical Music which offers a combination of traditional soul and jazz samples.

Metaphorical Music
Metaphorical Music

  • Last but not least: the artist Clams Casino came on to the scene in 2011 with his self-released album simply named: "Instrumentals" as a free digital download. Clams Casinos music has been described as "[bringing] together conventional hip-hop drums, a sensitive ear for off-to-the-side melodies, and an overdose of oddly moving atmosphere, yet clearly within the breakbeat genre and the Lofi Hip Hop spectrum.

Clams Casino - Instrumental
Clams Casino - Instrumental

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I'm making a comprehensive and tentative guide of every adult swim original available to stream. Here's what I have so far

LAST UPDATED Sep 13th, 2018 [Added some new 24/7 streams]
There is a TON of full adult swim shows that are readily available to steam on their website or elsewhere, and it can be crazy trying to find it all. I've attempted to compile a comprehensive guide for every adult swim original that can or cannot be streamed.
EDIT: So this was featured on adult swims front page, which was cool... until Turner came in and took down most of the youtube videos that weren't on adult swim's channel. It sucks because it was mostly the pilots that you can't find virtually anywhere. I've marked through any video thats been taken down.

Entire Series Free on Website and App

12 oz. Mouse
Apollo Gauntlet
Assy McGee
Ballmastrz: 9009
Black Dynamite
Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule
Fat Guy Stuck In Internet
Home Movies
Hot Streets
Joe Pera Talks With You (includes the infomercial and special)
King Star King
Loiter Squad
Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil
Metalocalypse (includes the rock opera)
Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (Ep 6 Uncensored Extended)
Mongo Wrestling Alliance
Mostly 4 Millennials
Off The Air
Perfect Hair Forever
Samurai Jack (includes the original CN seasons!)
Sand Whale and Me
Saul of the Mole Men
Space Dandy
Space Ghost Coast To Coast
Stroker and Hoop
Tender Touches
The Brak Show (War Next Door is just a 10 second clip, and since I know you're reading this adult swim please fix this)
The Drinky Crow Show
The Heart, She Holler
The Jellies
The Restless Bell
The Rising Son
Titan Maximum
Tom Goes To The Mayor
Xavier: Renegade Angel
You're Whole

Entire Series Free on Other Sites

Soul Quest Overdrive (Pilot, 1, 2, 3, 4)

Almost Entire Series

These shows have nearly every episode on the site but are missing a few. I'll provide links to the missing episodes if available.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Full seasons 1-9, partial seasons 10 and 11 which are available on Hulu
Dream Corp LLC - Missing "You Down with OCD?" but this changes from time to time. There's usually at least 5 episodes. Available on Hulu.
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole - Missing "Mother To Be-sa", an unaired banned episode. (Download)


All infomercials (specials that premiered at 4am) are on the website, but they're split up. Some are listed as infomercials, some as specials. Sorted them all here in chronological order. Youtube links included if available.
Icelandic UltraBlue (Youtube)
Aziz Ansari's Dangerously Delicious (thanks metaldanirl)
Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery (Youtube)
For-Profit Online University (Youtube)
Live Forever As You Are Now With Alan Resnick (Youtube)
Broomshakala (Youtube)
Fartcopter (Youtube)
The Salad Mixxxer (Youtube)
Alpha Chow (Youtube)
Goth Fitness (Youtube)
Too Many Cooks (Youtube)
The Newbridge Tourism Board Presents: "We're Newbridge, We're Comin' To Get Ya!" (Youtube)
In Search Of Miracle Man (Youtube)
Smart Pipe (Youtube)
Book of Christ (Youtube)
Frank Pierre Presents: Pierre Resort Casino (Youtube)
Unedited Footage of a Bear (Youtube)
This House Has People In It (Youtube)
Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep (Youtube)
Big Grams: "Born to Shine" / "Run For Your Life"
M.O.P.Z. (Youtube / Slowed Down Version)
Giles Vanderhoot (Youtube)
Live at the Necropolis: Lords of Synth (Youtube)
NewsHits (Youtube)
Mulchtown (Youtube)
Check It Out! With Scott Clam
The Suplex Duplex Complex
Wet Shapes
Innovation Makers: The Coyote Suit
A Message From The Future
Cool Dad - Official Trailer
Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough (Youtube)
Food: The Source of Life


Adult Swim Golf Classic (Extended) - Adam Scott and Jon Daly play as golfers who share their names
Anime Talk Show / Adult Swim Brain Trust - In 2004, Perfect Hair Forever aired its pilot instead of the announced Squidbillies pilot (Here are the bumps "explaining" it: 1, 2, 3). This special hosted by Space Ghost interviewing Meatwad, Sharko, and Early followed it.
Art Prison - A pilot just turned into a one-off special
Bagboy - Check It Out! spin-off
Brett Gelman's Dinner in America - Includes all three specials
Bushworld Adventures - 2018's second April Fools' prank. It's Australian Rick and Morty!
Cool 3D World "Spurt" - Was once removed from Youtube but now it's back
Earth Ghost - Part of 2011's April Fools' prank, aired after The Room.
First Annual Stupid Morning Bullshit Invitational On The Green - A golf match between Mike Lazzo & Andrew Choe
FLCL: Alternative (Subbed) - Episode 1, part of 2018's first April Fools' prank.
Freaknik: The Musical - Hour-long special starring T-Pain that spawned from That Crook'd 'Sipp
The Greatest Event In Television History - Includes all four specials. Created by Adam and Naomi Scott
Mother, May I Dance with Mary Jane's Fist?: A Lifetone Original Movie - Based on a play of the same name by Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Artemis Pebdani of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame
Mr. Neighbor's House - Includes both specials. Parody of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Ranger Smith - Boo Boo Runs Wild - Two shorts created by John K. that aired on Cartoon Network before
Scavengers - Toonami special
Soft Focus with Jena Friedman - I don't have much of a description for this, but it's good.
The Xtacles (1,2) - Frisky Dingo spin-off
Toonami Countdown - Supercut of Toonami's 2017 immersion event
Young Person's Guide to History - Includes both parts


These aren't all of them, just the ones that are relatively easily available. Turner keeps taking down the Youtube links, i'll update when I can.
Bad Guys
Captain Sturdy: The Originals
Captain Sturdy: Back In Action
Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge
Chuck Deuce
Coffin Dodgers
Finkel Files
Filthy Sexy Teen$
Gigglefudge U.S.A.
Hindenburg Explodes!
Korgoth of Barbaria
Let's Do This!
Let's Fish (Youtube / Vimeo)
Lewis Lectures
Lowe Country (pt. 2)
Neon Knome
Penguins Behind Bars (Youtube)
Saddle Rash (Youtube)
Snake n' Bacon
That Crook'd 'Sipp (Backup)
The Best of Totally 4 Teens (Youtube)
The Groovenians
The Mark Lembeck Technique
The New Big Ball With Neil Hamburger
The Pound Hole
The Shivering Truth
Tigtone and the Pilot
Trap Universe
Tropical Cop Tales
Welcome to Eltingville (Vimeo)
Yappy Broads

Online Series

I'm only going to list the full series (Thanks bnjrivera for some of these)
Adult Swim Celebrity Poker Tournament Royale
Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week
Daytime Fighting League (Season 1 on Youtube)
Electronic Game Information
On Cinema
Ricking Morty
The Cry of Mann: A Trool Day Holiday Spectacular In Eight Parts
The Tim Heidecker Trial
Yoga Bro

24/7 Commercial Free Marathons

Dream Corp LLC
Off The Air
Rick and Morty
Robot Chicken
The Eric Andre Show
The Venture Bros.
Williams Stream (Variety of random originals) - The format seems to be 1-2 episodes per show, and the selected episodes usually stay for weeks
App Only:
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Black Jesus
Mr. Pickles

The Rest Are Not Complete And/Or Free

Full series with Hulu subscription (Free partial series on
Black Jesus (as)
Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio (as)
China, IL (as)
Dream Corp LLC (as)
Eagleheart (as)
Frisky Dingo (as)
Harvey Bridman: Attorney At Law (as)
Hot Package (as)
Moral Orel (as)
Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter (as)
NTSF:SD:SUV:: (as) - Complete Season 3 on internet archive
Rick and Morty (as)
Sealab 2021 (as)
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (as) - 10 Year Anniversary Special only on [as]
Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories (as)
The Boondocks - No free episodes on [as], first and second seasons on internet archive
The Eric Andre Show (as) - Eric Andre Does Paris only on [as]
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (as)
Partial with Hulu:
Aqua TV Show Show / Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever - rest on [as] (see above)
Mr. Pickles (as)- Missing season 3
Robot Chicken (as) - Missing season 9
The Venture Bros. (as) - Season 7 will come and go on [as]
Partial on Website and other sites:
Mike Tyson Mysteries - Few episodes of season 3 on website
Newsreaders - Complete season 1 on internet archive
Childrens Hospital - Seasons 1, 2, and 3 complete on internet archive

Not on Website, Lost Media, and Others:
Jack and Triumph Show - rights issue with NBC, no free streaming links atm, on itunes though

Bonus Archived Blocks / Non-Originals / Misc.:

I will be adding more to this list as I come across them
April Fools' Prank 2010 - Cut of all the bumps in between The Room with Space Ghost interviewing Tommy Wiseau
April Fool's Prank 2011 - The Room full block with Earth Ghost
April Fools' Prank 2012 - The Return of Toonami full block (Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Outlaw Star, The Big O, Yu Yu Hakusho, Blue Submarine No. 6, Trigun, Astro Boy, and Gigantor)
April Fools' Prank 2018 - Subbed Toonami (FLCL Alternative, Mind Game (full movie), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto: Shippuden, Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, and Scavengers)
Daylights Savings 2017 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters aired in the extra hour for DST. Includes commercials and bonus episodes of King of the Hill, Rick and Morty, and Ben 10
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Banned Boston Episode - Unaired episode about their Boston bomb scare. Uncensored and unfinished!
Clerks: The Animated Series - aired Friday nights on adult swim in 2008
High School USA! - Fox series made by Dino Stamatopoulos (Moral Orel, Frankenhole). I'm not sure if this aired on adult swim or not.
Mission Hill - Classic old syndicated show. Individual episode playlist on internet archive or Youtube.
The PJ's - Old Fox series by Eddie Murphy.
Wonder Showzen - NOT an adult swim show but for anyone who is a fan of PFFR (Xavier, The Heart She Holler), this is an essential watch. Besides, adult swim wanted this show anyway.
If you notice any broken or missing links, please let me know! Likewise, if you have any material that could go here, leave a suggestion (I've personally been specifically searching for full blocks of their 16th Anniversary weeks). Happy Streaming!
submitted by certaintrips to adultswim [link] [comments]

International Artist Feature #2 - Ahzumjot

The second ever International Artist Feature is provided by MySweetMettbrot, about a German artist that has gotten a second chance after having failed the first time.
Remember, that if you want to write up something about your favourite artist, it's up to you to do it! There was a lot of interest in the first thread, but not a lot of actual content sent my way. While I don't have a problem with this becoming Dutch Artist Feature if I have to write it all, I want to try to include as many different nations as possible which I can't do by myself, so please do write something!
Hey hhh, The artist i want to tell you about today is Germany‘s very own Ahzumjot.
Starting as one of the infamously labeled ‘New Rhyme-Generation‘ around a few artists that were projected to be the new wave of rap to break into the mainstream, Ahzumjot really missed his chance. While a few other rappers of this supposed new generation went on to eventually garner a lot of mainstream success (namely Cro, Olson or Rockstah), Ahzumjot missed his mark with a terribly received album he put out after he signed to Universal Music in 2014.
The most obvious problem with his first major album ‘Nix Mehr Egal‘ that followed his 2011 debut project Monty – an incredibly promising, self-produced EP that kickstarted his hype and hopes for a great, successful future – was the logical consequence of the inexperienced ‘future star‘ picked up by a major label: It was incredibly commercial, constructed purely for mainstream success, to be played in stadiums and as cutaway songs in questionable afternoon tv-programming. This did not sit well with fans and critics alike.
While a few songs went on to at least have some charting success as well as radio airplay the album was a flop and it seemed like his career was a one-and-done. Especially since after his album, there seemed to be a lot of problems regarding his standing in the music industry, labelwork and satisfaction with his success and music, personally even more so than labelwise.
Now you might wonder why I want to tell you about this seemingly washed-up industry victim with a failed album. It‘s because that is the exact opposite of what he is today: One of the most interesting, independent german artists with continous output.
While the album dropped 3 years after his first EP it only took him one year to leave his label and independently drop the ‘Minus‘-EP. A, once again, beautifully self-produced tape that showed a seemingly completely different side of Ahzumjot: Grimey, spacey, vibey, intrumental-wise clearly reminiscing of ‘cloudrap‘ as established by clams casino and way less accessible than his last album.
The first track immediately introduces the listener to the (old) new Ahzumjot. Its name, ‘Tag Zwei‘ (Day Two) already tells you what he explicitely states later: It is a new beginning for Alan. It starts with him distancing himself from everything and everyone and showing his content about his situation as well as his will to do it right this time. You can already tell his new music will be way more personal than the stadium-pop of ‘Nix Mehr Egal‘.
From this point onwards he went back to his roots and did everything he had to do autonomously: He produced his own instrumentals, mixed and mastered most of his music himself, published it and even sat himself down with a friend for days to package and send his pretty successful merchandise.
Thanks to that the following two years were the busiest and at the same time most prolific years as Ahzumjot with 3 releases 2016 alone, split into 16QT01 to 16QT03 with the first one being an instrumental tape consisting of remixes, the second one an EP including the tracks of his ‘Minus‘-EP and the third a collab-EP with friend and rapper Lance Butters called ‘Die Welle‘ (The Wave).
All of those were free to download, as all his music since ‘Nix Mehr Egal‘ has been.
In 2017 he followed it up with his (to me) incredible album ‘Luft & Liebe‘ (Air & Love) and - spanning into 2018 - the experimental release ‘RAUM‘ (Room) which is a playlist he regularly updates with new songs. Basically what Drake‘s More Life should have been.
All of this output is slowly but steadily recovering his reputation that seemed to be tarnished forever by continously showing his talent and ability to craft great songs from scratch while not succumbing to the common traps of the german music-industry, thanks to his experiences in it and his do-it-yourself-mindset.
While at first it seemed like he was unrecoverably fed-up with the industry and German rap music (Die Welle basically was a 6 Track diss shooting against the german rap-scene), he is slowly beginning to loosen the reigns over his creative ‘Room‘ by collaborating more and not only with his ‘inner-circle‘ as well as not doing every little thing as packaging merch and shooting every video himself.
As of right now, things are looking great. His WIP playlist-project is still going on and it doesn‘t seem like he has any intentions to stop going strong in 2018. His numbers may not seem too impressive yet, in a flourishing german rap scene that regularly seems to break records streaming-wise, but sonically he definitely is one of the most interesting acts around and while 2017 brought his biggest song yet (Gut in der Nacht) things are looking way up as he is again gaining more and more relevancy while staying completely independent.
If this interested you enough to check out his music, the essential projects to peep are Luft & Liebe and the RAUM-playlist. Notable songs being Gut in der Nacht, Helene Fischer, Stunten, Training and my personal favorites Montag, Geh nicht, Mein Bruh and Koordinieren as well as KDDDV.
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Best Verse, Week 63 - Vince Staples

Vince Staples is up next with this week's best verse!
Background: A member of the group Cutthroat Boyz, rapper Vince Staples surfaced in the early 2010s with a spate of promising appearances on Odd Future-related recordings -- including Earl Sweatshirt's "epaR," Mike G's "Moracular World" and Award Tour EP, the Jet Age of Tomorrow's "Lunchbox," and Domo Genesis' "Elimination Chamber" -- as well as the 2011 mixtape Shyne Goldchain. In 2012, the rapper released Winter in Prague, a mixtape issued as a free download with the production work handled entirely by Michael Uzowuru. A darker, more introspective mixtape, Stolen Youth, arrived in 2013 with a co-billing to Larry Fisherman (a Mac Miller alias) and verses from Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Mac Miller (as Mac Miller), and Cutthroat Boyz partner Joey Fatts. Staples then performed as the opening act on Miller's Space Migration tour. Among Staples' assists in 2013 were verses on Earl Sweatshirt's Doris and Jhené Aiko's "The Vapors." The rapper continued his steady ascent in 2014 with a fourth mixtape, Shyne Goldchain, Vol. 2, and contributions to Common's Nobody's Smiling -- specifically on the key single "Kingdom," as well as on the deluxe edition bonus track "Out on Bond." His debut album, Summertime '06, landed in 2015 with production from Clams Casino and No ID.
Past 20 Week Results: ..... Week 42 - Busta Rhymes - "Scenario" - verse 5 Week 43 - Young Thug - "Halftime" - verse 2 Week 44 - Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones, Pt. II" - verse 1 Week 45 - Danny Brown - "30" - verse 1 Week 46 - Outkast - "Aquemini" - verse 4 Week 47 - Freddie Gibbs - "Thuggin" - verse 1 Week 48 - Jadakiss - "Why" - verse 1 Week 49 - Chance The Rapper - "Acid Rain" - verse 1 Week 50 - Dr. Dre - "The Watcher" - verse 1 Week 51 - Flatbush Zombies - "Regular and Complex" - verse 3 Week 52 - Rakim - "Follow The Leader" - verse 1 Week 53 - Ab-Soul - "The Book of Soul" - verse 1 Week 54 - Beastie Boys - "Paul Revere" - verse 6 Week 55 - Logic - "Gang Related" - verse 2 Week 56 - Kurupt - "Aint No Fun" - verse 2 Week 57 - Jay Rock - "Money Trees" - verse 3 Week 58 - GZA - "Duel of the Iron Mic" - verse 1 Week 59 - Skepta - "Same Shit Different Day" - verse 1 Week 60 - Big L - "98' Freestyle" - verse 1 Week 61 - Tyler, The Creator - "Rusty" - verse 2 Week 62 - Public Enemy - "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" - verse 1
Please provide links with your votes!
Post your favorite Vince verses here!
remember just because a verse may be iconic that does necessarily mean it's their best verse.
And as usual taking suggestions for next week
Spotify playlist for /HHH's Best Verse of 2015
Spotify playlist for top 5 best verses for every week!
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A Spot Light on Instrumental Hip-hop

Since my experimental post went over well a few weeks ago I figured I'd give a Instrumental one a shot. I'm just gonna post a mix of personal favorites, popular projects and some Must-listens, this isn't a one stop guide to the genre or anything like that. Feel free to list your favorite projects/producers in the comments. Now I'm not a writer, I'm not gonna write 3 paragraphs on the use of a horn sample in a track, I'm just gonna give maybe few words, interesting fact (if there's one to mention) and let the music speak for me.
Here's a GrooveShark playlist with all the albums mentioned (spotify didn't have quite a few albums) What? don't like GrooveShark tho there's no doubt in it's superiority? Fine, here's what Spotify does have
I'm gonna go from most popular to not so much but there isn't gonna be any sort of amazing underground acts here for those of you who are in the know. This is more for people who are just getting into this side of the genre.
Now that the intro is over lets get to it.
J Dilla - Donuts - 2006 - Soul: Released 3 days before his death and mostly made with a basic sampler and a small 45 rpm turntable while he was in a extended hospital stay (29 of the 31 tracks) 85 listed samples used
Last Donut Of The Night
Time: The Donut Of The Heart
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing... - 1996 - Triphop/plunderphonics: Some considered it to be the first album made entirely from sampling (86 listed samples) and it was made using nothing but a sampler, tape recorder and a turntable.
Midnight In A Perfect World
Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
MF DOOM - Special Herbs 0-9- 2001-2005 - Jazz: A collection of DOOM's work from behind the boards during his golden era. Gotta love when they can produce just as well as they can MC
Arrow Root
Madlib - Shades Of Blue - 2003 - Jazz: Madlib takes on the task of remixing the archives of the famed Blue Note Records. Less instrumental hip-hop then Jazz seen through a hip-hop lens
Stepping Into Tomorrow
Slim's Return
Nujabes - Metaphorical Music - 2003 - Jazz: As a Japanesse native, Nujabes work is heavely influenced by traditional Japanesse music and eastern Jazz. He worked with various MCs from across the globe till his untimely death in 2010. Lots of vocal features but the beats are really the center of the album
Lady Brown
Horn In The Middle
Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma - 2010 - alternative: The Title comes from a misheard ashram lecture where he mistook "Cosmic Drama" for the title. Now you know
Zodiac Shit


RJD2 - Deadringer - 2002 - Triphop/electronica: RJD2's debut on Def Jux, around 50 samples
Smoke and Mirrors
The Avalanches - Since I Left You - 2000 - Plunderphonics/disco: Not really a hip-hop album but if you appreciate the art of sampling then it's a must. Made up entirely from sampling,wiht over 3,500+ unique samples, it's a real achievement. Now if we can get that follow up some time this decade...
Since I Left You
Pete Rock - Petestrumentals - 2001 - traditional/Boom Bap: Made up of mostly unreleased beats from 1990-95 but polished up for the original release of the album. There's 2 versions of the album, the original had only 2 vocal features, the second edition released less then a year later replaced 3 of the instrumentals for versions with vocals.
A Little Soul
Play Dis Only At Night
Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ's - 2003 - Turntablism: Known most for being apart of the super group Deltron 3030 with Dan The Automater and Del, his solo projects feature his skill in the art of Turntablism. Turntablism is the art of scratching, beat mixing/matching, and beat juggling. The same way that Since I Left You isn't strictly hip-hop, learning to know the distinct aspects of a beat brings another level to enjoying hip-hop.
More Dance Music
Skanky Panky
Oh No - Dr No's Oxperiment - 2007 - Trip-Hop: Oh No, Madlib's younger brother and fellow Stone Throw sign-y 3rd solo album shows him working with mostly Mediterranean and middle eastern samples. Roll up, break out your knee pillows and relax to the lovely sound of pan flutes and modulated sitars
Apollo Brown - Clouds - 2011 - BoomBap/traditional: Probably my favorite instrumental album in recent years, that shoulf be enough of a "interesting fact" right?
Bridge Through Time
Tao Te Ching
The Herbaliser - Blow Your Headphones - 1997 - Jazz: So um. lets see. - Checks Wikipedia - I guess they made the theme for ESPNs Sunday Night Football. That's cool I guess.Oh and the album good too.
A Mother For Your Mind
Mr. Chombee Has The Flaw
Uyama Hiroto - A Son of The Sun - 2008 - Jazz/Downtempo: One of the protege of Nujabes his solo work takes the light hearted jazz/soul influences of his mentor and runs away with it into a blissfull mist of fond memories and liquid soul.
One Dream
Clams Casino - Instrumentals Tape 1 - 2011 - TripHop/FutureGarage: A halfed Clam garnished with bread crumbs and bacon bits, normally served as a appetizer in the North East.
Download Link
I'm God
Realest Alive
DJ Krush - Strictly Turntablized - 1994 - Triphop: Another Japanese native, and ex-yakuza member, this is the second album he dropped in 1994.
Dig This Vibe
To The Infinity
Cut Chemist - Audience Listening - 2006 - Triphop/Turntablism: Frequent DJ Shadow collaborator and former member of the group Jurassic 5 this is his only offical studio album. Fun Fact, he played the role of hte chemistry teacher in the movie Juno
The Garden
Onra - Chinoiseries - 2002 - Soul/Jazz: French producer Onra produced this album during a trip to Vietnam using mostly obscure traditional music and asian jazz samples in a attempt to capture his vacation in song.
I Wanna Go Back
The Anthem
Lil Ugly Mane - Three Sided Tape Vol 1 - 2013 - Chopped&Screwed/Trap: Lil Ugly Mane is a much better producer then he is a MC (tho I like him in that as well). This is probably his best project besides Mista Thug. the orginal had all the instrumentals into 3 tracks each representing a side, ill post a link to a version with the tracks split up (its a mixtape mods)
Split version Download
Bath Time
Oddisee - Rock Creek Park - 2011 - Jazz/BoomBap/Soul: Label mate of Apollo Brown on Mellow Music Group (great boombap label). Dude has been putting out solid music for a long time both as a MC and Producer
The Carter Barron
Skipping Rocks
Some albums I highly recommend listening to the instrumentals form the following albums, take away the vocals and they're still just as good: The Chronic/2001, Deltron 3030, Company Flow, 4 Eva N aDay, The Unseen, Madvilliany, and Dr Octagon. I put the instrumental versions in the playlists up top.
Alright guys, that's all I have time for, there's plenty of projects that are worth looking into besides whats listed here even by the artists mentioned, please do yourself a favor and if you enjoyed any of this look into it some more. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments, just trying to promote this side of the genre so the more the merrier.
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Looking for rappers to collaborate with on singles/projects/EPs/etc!

Hey again y'all, haha. I produce beats on the side and post them on SoundCloud. I really want anyone who thinks they are a competent rappesinger to lay something over them because I'm not really a rapper myself. I'm trying to work with people that vibe with my stuff and it's been working really well!
Anyways, just for background, I'm inspired by a lot of Kanye West, Clams Casino, cloud rap, future bass, EDM-inspired type production. I'm not saying I'm a professional producer or beatmaker by any means, but I hope they're enough of a foundation for someone to lay dope shit over.
I've got a decent catalog of beats on my SoundCloud (which I'll link below). Feel free to choose a different beat if you're interested. There are a lot and have different vibes and flavors so it's up to you. Most of the beats are downloadable in WAV format. To be honest, I'm really interested in getting vocals over all my beats, so please PM me if you're interested in a more involved collaboration.
Some of my favorite beats:
[BUMPZ]( Hey again y'all, haha. I produce beats on the side and post them on SoundCloud. I really want anyone who thinks they are a competent rappesinger to lay something over them because I'm not really a rapper myself. I'm trying to work with people that vibe with my stuff and it's been working really well!
Anyways, just for background, I'm inspired by a lot of Kanye West, Clams Casino, cloud rap, future bass, EDM-inspired type production. I'm not saying I'm a professional producer or beatmaker by any means, but I hope they're enough of a foundation for someone to lay dope shit over.
I've got a decent catalog of beats on my SoundCloud (which I'll link below). Feel free to choose a different beat if you're interested. There are a lot and have different vibes and flavors so it's up to you. Most of the beats are downloadable in WAV format. To be honest, I'm really interested in getting vocals over all my beats, so please PM me if you're interested in a more involved collaboration.
Some of my favorite beats -
BUMPZ - Hard-hitting, bouncy, space-y, electronic trap vibes, aliens turning up and doing drugs in space type stuff.
HLGNZ - Straight hooligan shit. Heavy bass, synth, piano. Tried to mix some ominous trap vibes with some thumping club vibes.
N!T3Z - I recently got a new Maschine MK3 and this is the first beat I've made since the initial learning curve. Really lush, melodic spacey vibes.
FACTZ - Bright, video game vibes. Went for a Super Mario Sunshine feel to experiment with making my own sounds.
V!B3Z - Really chill, West Coast, highway cruising feel.
DAY1Z - Groovy, synth-y beat with modern bass and drum rhythms, with a nice flow change near the 2 minute mark.
YUGHZ - Relatively fast, aggressive beat a la YBN Nahmir, Playboi Carti.
Feel free to PM me if you're interested in working together. I would greatly appreciate it!
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Some advice for beginner producers

So a little over six months ago I went and downloaded the trial of FL Studio. I watch some 'how to make a Clams Casino beat' tutorials and said okay I'm ready to go. Then I sat down at my computer and opened up my program threw some drums into the channel rack and started making patterns. Now of course it was complete and utter nonsense. Sounded kinda like a deaf persons take on 90's dance music. I stuck with it though. Almost drove my girlfriend insane in the process. Here I am though six months later and I have a steadily growing following on Soundcloud. I am at the point now where I can say my music is actually getting good. I don't think I'm an expert or anything. I know six months is nothing when it comes to producing. I'm not trying to be one of those people who does this for a couple months and think they know everything. My music is far from perfect but as long as I keep improving that is all I care about. There is still a shit load of things I don't know how to do. But I plan to never stop trying to learn and trying to better my music.
Anyway I just wanted to share some things I've learned with those that are new to making beats. Some of these probably applies to rapping as well.
1) Read, watch and study. I've read articles, watched tons of Youtube tutorials and listened to other peoples beats constantly since I started producing. Absorb as much info as you can. Everything from sampling, synth making, drums, music theory and mixing. There is so much free information that there is no excuse for not learning.
2) Listen to a lot of music. Obviously listen to a lot of hip hop and hip hop instrumentals but listen to other genres as well. I've incorporated ideas from hardcore and metal into my music. So really all genres will help you.
3) Listen to your own music. When I'm at home doing the dishes or working out at the gym I always have my headphones in. A lot of that time I'm just listening to past songs of mine. I hear parts I think really worked well or parts that didn't come out exactly as I wanted to. That way I can have a better idea what I should do next time.
4) Don't put out your songs too early. I used to just put out songs right away. Now I make two or three versions of the song and have people in the Daily Feedback thread listen it or my friends on Soundcloud. Other people may hear things you don't or think of things to add that you didn't. It can really help you improve the quality of your songs.
5) Learn about an experiment with automation. Messing with automation clips for volume, panning, cutoff, effects etc will make your beats sound a lot more interesting. Some nice fade ins or cutoff transitions can really go a long way.
6) When starting a new beat always try and get one aspect of it where you want it to before you go on. What I mean by that is less say you wanna make a beat with real nice melody, focus on getting your melody how you want it first. Then go on and center the rest of the track around that melody. Or if you know want a certain style of drums in your song then focus on that first. Everything else will start falling in place better then.
7) This is the most important piece of advice I can give. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. You music will sound like shit at first. Then after working at if for a while it will sound less like shit. It still won't sound anywhere close to your favorite producer. It honestly may never sound as good as their shit. But that's okay. Just keep trying to improve. Take pleasure in small victories. Think of it like weight lifting or running. If you wanna deadlift 600 pounds or run a 10k you're gonna have to train for a long time to do so. But you can be happy every time you can lift a little more or run a little faster. Same with music. Try and make every track have at least one element that's better than last. And be fucking proud of it. Cause you know what you made that shit. You're making music, you're creating, you're taking your ideas and making them come alive and that's fucking awesome.
So yeah there is a lot more I could say here but I didn't want to make this too long. Just remember if making music is something you love to do then never stop.
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Deep D&B and electronica mixes.

Here are 10 mixes you may enjoy - all can be streamed on Mixcloud or downloaded via Mediafire.
The most recent two at the top are electronica but all the rest are D&B. It's mostly deep / expansive / synth heavy / ambient but they are still quite varied in terms of track selection.
Hope you like!
  1. Clark – Ship Is Flooding
  2. Amon Tobin – In Your Own Time
  3. The Science – The Sea and I
  4. Monolog & Subheim – Sumo Remi
  5. Mobthrow – Desert City Rising
  6. Subheim – Howl
  7. Bersarin Quartett – Mehr Als Alles Andere
  8. 3D – Inflight data
  9. Dadub – Dub On Struggle
  10. RQ – Greater Geometry (ASC Remix)
  11. Calibre – Gentle Push
  12. Sasha – Time After Time
  13. Om Unit – Despite It All
  14. Paul Haslinger – Aftermath
  15. Monolog – The Nothing Room
  16. Arca – Mutant
  17. Autechre – Feed1
  18. Ben Frost – Nolan
  19. Arovane – Thaem Nue
  20. Biosphere – Genkai–1
  21. SE – Hitchhiker
  22. Crunch – Grama
  23. Bruised Skies – Isidor
  24. Bersarin Quartett – Schwarzer Regen Fällt
  25. Paul Haslinger – Purple Heart
  26. The Thing With Five Eyes – Nakba
HyperNormal Mix:
  1. Bersarin Quartett - Zum Greifen Nah (Hecq remix)
  2. Tipper – Trenched
  3. Asteroids & Earthquakes – Mindlock
  4. Eartheater – RIP Chrysalis
  5. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Adaptation of the Koto Song
  6. Sasha – Channel Deq
  7. SB-Six – Subconscious
  8. Planet Boelex – Swamp Gas
  9. Boards of Canada – Seven Forty Seven
  10. Flume – Helix
  11. Moresounds – Orbstoic
  12. Roel Funcken - Vertox Dreaming (Hecq remix)
  13. Tangent – Delusion
  14. Huron – Impulsion
  15. Ben Frost – The Carpathians
  16. Deru – Spread Your Arms
  17. Helm – I Exist in A Fog
  18. Kelela – The High
  19. Andy Stott – Violence
  20. Objekt – Cataracts
  21. Sunn O))) & Ulver – Eternal Return
  22. Cujo – Break Charmer
  23. Young Fathers – Hangman
  24. Dabrye – Game Over (Flying Lotus remix)
  25. DJ Shadow – Intropy
  26. Janne Hatula – Behind the Mask
  27. Aeon Waves – Gaia
  28. The Thing With Five Eyes – AMZHA
  29. The Travel – Demby Surround
  30. Levon Vincent – Her Light Goes Through Everything
  31. DJ Richard – Savage Coast
  33. Jon Hopkins – We Disappear
  34. Dustmite & Kuru - Bare
  35. Photek – Levitation
  36. Xellmode – Light Behind Your Eyes
  37. Falty DL – Greater Antilles Part 2
  38. M.E.S.H. – Piteous Gate
  39. Autechre – pendulu hv moda
  40. Davidge – Sleepwalking
  41. Svarte Greiner – Final Sleep (Hecq remix)
  42. Massive Attack vs Burial – Four Walls
Natural Selection:
  1. Technimatic – Foreshadow
  2. Noisia – The Approach
  3. Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul remix)
  4. Mikal – Help Me
  5. Naibu – Case Study
  6. Technimatic – Better Perspective (featuring Jinadu)
  7. Alix Perez – Playing Games (featuring D.Ablo)
  8. Drumcatcher – 8th Avenue
  9. Emperor – She Said
  10. LSB – XLRS
  11. KLAX – Blackball
  12. Mako – String Section (featuring Villem)
  13. Mikal – Segunda (featuring RIOT)
  14. 2dB – Pink Floyd
  15. Command Strange – Can’t Stop
  16. Surplus, Humanature & Subdivision – Free (featuring Hannah Eve)
  17. Anile – Wish List
  18. MOS – The Kraken
  19. Monrroe – Stay (featuring Charlotte Haining)
  20. Calibre – Space Time (featuring Cleveland Watkiss)
  21. Pogo – No Worries (Hybrid Minds Remix)
  22. MOS – Halcyon
  23. Calyx & Teebee – Pathfinder
  24. Thing & Om Unit – Something Ancient
  25. Goldie & Jubei – The Prayer (Om Unit Remix)
  26. Kid Drama & Consequence – Shutter
  27. Goldie & Jubei – The Prayer (Blocks & Escher Remix)
  28. Enei – Labyrinth (featuring Eastcolors)
  29. Fourward – Countdown
  30. Keeno – The 8th Age
  31. Colour – The Past (featuring Karina Ramage)
  32. Keeno – Faithless
  33. Ivy Lab – Two By Two
  34. June Miller & Teddy Killerz – Wildlife (CVPELLV Remix)
  35. Ivy Lab – Berlusconi
  36. DJ Hidden & Anneke van Giersbergen – Only You Can See (Balkansky Remix)
  37. Hecq – Flame I
  38. HE3Dless – Sold
  39. Author & Punisher – Sand, Wind And Carcass
  40. ASC – Block 4
Depth Perception:
  1. Synth Sense - Symbol #9.2
  2. ASC - Stolen Memories
  3. Synth Sense - Trapped Within the Circuit
  4. Blocks, Escher & ASC - Heliocentric
  5. Vax - BECquerel
  6. Cern - Apparition
  7. Sam KDC - Ascetic
  8. Ruffhouse & Clarity - Aphasia
  9. Overlook - Actress
  10. Getz & Nuage - Insomnia Shadows
  11. Mutated Forms - Crowlin
  12. Dub Phizix - The Clock Ticks
  13. Spirant - Hollow Space
  14. Mineral - Living the Dream (Esc & Subsense remix)
  15. Calibre - The Wash
  16. Stealth - Deep Inside
  17. Minor Rain - Terabyte
  18. Minor Rain - In My Place
  19. Blu Mar Ten - Remembered Her Wrong
  20. Marso & Gala - Desire
  21. Vax - Animalystic
  22. Skeptical - These Words
  23. Mode - Warning
  24. SNAP - Eclecticism
  25. Colla & Spar - Choral
  26. Robustus & Freebird - Tell Me Your Number
  27. DuoScience & Seb Bruen - Better Days
  28. Dakosa - Blood Moon
  29. Operon - Don’t Dream Tonight
  30. Skeptical - Blue Eyes
  31. S.I.N & Mutated Forms - Right Now
  32. Jubei - The Path
  33. Blu Mar Ten - Last Dance
  34. Beatchemist - Vault
  35. Bulb - Heartless
  36. Photoad - Sky In Eyes
  37. ASC & Synkro - Planet X
  38. Fanu - Next To The Divine One I Wake
  39. Triad - Ghost Town
  40. Consequence - Redwood Dream
Future Music FM - Electric Furnace guest mix (with Alan Chapman):
Clint Mansell – My Name is Sam (from the Moon OST)
SCB – Rope [Hotflush]
Imugem Orihasem – Bronpo [New Kanada]
Dense & Pika – Airless (live) [Hotflush]
Holger Flinsch – Zweite Ernte A2 [Eruptive]
Mosca – Press Up [Ann Aimee]
Fundamental Interaction – Graft
Joton – The Evidence [Newrhythmic Records]
Yuuki Sakai – Fable ”O” [Subsist]
Lumigraph – Wavewatcher [Opal Tapes]
MATRiXXMAN – Protocol [Fifth Wall]
Hound Scales – A Clique Of Tough Women [Fifth Wall]
Portable – Albatross (Anthony Shakir Remix) [Sud Electronic]
Djedjotronic – Abyssal Zone [Zone]
Clint Mansell – Memories (Someone We’ll Never Know) (from the Moon OST)
Datura Dilema – Tierra [Subsist]
Vessel – Pin
Coloquix – The Milk Of A Cow Who Has Done Nothing Wrong
Clams Casino – Waterfalls
Si Begg – 39 Steps Theme (remix)
Boxcutter – Rusty Break
COG – The Devil’s Level
Verbose – Sabotage
Synth Sense – Sea Of Storms
The Haxan Cloak – The Mirror Reflecting (part 2)
Ben Frost – Peter Venkman (part 1)
ASC – Fade Away Sessions (featuring Consequence)
Linden – Letting Go
Noisia & Amon Tobin – Sunhammer
Rockwell – Full Circle
D Bridge – Seven Year Glitch
Scenic & Advisory – Altered States
SE – 15mg
Throbbing Gristle – My Only Child (featuring Cosey Fanni Tutti)
Autechre – 1 1 is
Nuage – Gray (featuring Yorra)
Structure & Purpose:
  1. Nuage – Farenheit 17
  2. ASC – Fulcrum
  3. Gets & Nuage – Morning Coffee
  4. Future Engineers – Through the Motions
  5. Nuage – Fair Question
  6. Bonobo – Jets (Scenic & Advisory bootleg)
  7. SpectraSoul – Melodies (instrumental edit)
  8. Good Natured Threat – Beacons (Keosz remix)
  9. Marso & Gala – Northern Lights
  10. Blok One & Rainforest – Earthlings
  11. Seba – Can’t Describe
  12. 1 Step 2 Far – Late
  13. Verbal – Frozen Lake
  14. LM1 – The Calling
  15. Silence Groove – Tender
  16. ST Files – Eric Bristow
  17. Scenic & Advisory – Don’t Tell Me
  18. Heavy1 & Calculon – First Light
  19. Future Engineers – Shape or Form
  20. Seba – Shades of Me & You (Blu Mar Ten remix)
  21. Scenic & Advisory – Skin Deep
  22. Fullarity – Loneliness
  23. Arp XP – Closer (featuring Estel Luz)
  24. Seba – Painted Skies (Oscillist remix)
Winter Drum & Bass Mix part III:
  1. Entharsis - Boundless Wonder
  2. Vital - Memories
  3. Synkro - In Transit
  4. Bungle - Aura
  5. Operon & LM1 - Lorien
  6. Najeem S - New Horizons
  7. ASC - The Rain
  8. Naibu - Play With Fire (featuring Key)
  9. Gerwin & Nuage - Back In The Moments
  10. Smote & SoundNBeats - A World Full Of Lies
  11. Ivy Lab - Oblique (featuring Frank Carter)
  12. Naibu - Until
  13. Triad - Repulse
  14. Spectrasoul - Light In The Dark (featuring Terri Walker)
  15. Naibu - Just Like You (featuring Key)
  16. Mono - Indiscretions
  17. ASC - Glass Walls
  18. Genotype - Big Man Tumps
  19. Consequence - Pseudo Echo
  20. Overlook - Lusca
  21. SPY - Bass Terror
  22. Hydro & Halogenix - Disillusioned
  23. Rockwell - Snare Drum Awareness
  24. Cause 4 Concern - Under Forever
  25. DJ Reality - Tunnel Vision
  26. Sabre - Celler Dweller
  27. Chris SU - Elevation
  28. Scenic & Advisory - Paradigm Shift
  29. LM1 - Renaissance
  30. Apex - The Yearning
  31. Blu Mar Ten - Love Is The Devil
Future Rhythm:
  1. Blu Mar Ten – Blue Skies
  2. Ink & J Dub – Craze D Minor
  3. Triad & Synth Sense – Past Present Future
  4. Atmospherix – Full Force
  5. Blocks – Undercurrents
  6. Linden – Letting Go
  7. Overlook – Mirrors
  8. Autechre – Second Bad Vilbel
  9. Data - Termite
  10. Phace & Noisia – Micro Organism
  11. Phace – Channel Feed
  12. Amoss – We All Grow
  13. Rockwell – My War
  14. Icicle – Time
  15. Ink – Hidden Dreams
  16. Sabre, Noisia & Icicle – Quarters
  17. Noisia & Amon Tobin – Sunhammer
  18. Rockwell – Full Circle
  19. D Bridge – Seven Year Glitch
  20. Scenic & Advisory – Altered States
  21. Blu Mar Ten & Rochelle Parker – Sweet Little Supernova
Winter Drum & Bass Mix part II:
  1. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words
  2. Consequence – Flashes
  3. Synkro & Indigo – Reflection
  4. Martsman – Static
  5. Apex – Surrender
  6. Brooklyn – Someone (Naibu remix)
  7. Mistical – Eject
  8. Calibre – Open Your Eyes
  9. Amit – 9 Times (featuring Rani)
  10. Arno – Delta
  11. Bachelors Of Science – Bombay Sapphire
  12. Rockwell – Underpass
  13. Stray – Can Of Cancun
  14. Break – Freak
  15. Blu Mar Ten – Grey Area
  16. Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (TeeBee remix)
  17. Gridlok – Enemies Of The State
  18. Phace And Misanthrop – My Arae
  19. Calibre – Acid Hands
  20. Nymfo & State Of Mind – Roxy
  21. Seba – Forever
  22. Commix – Audience
  23. Sabre – Follow Polaris
  24. Icicle – Europa
  25. Consequence – From A Distance (featuring ASC)
  26. Mistical – Add Break
  27. Klute – Song Seller
  28. Command Strange – Miracles
  29. Blu Mar Ten – By The Time My Light Reaches You I’ll Be Gone
Winter Drum & Bass Mix:
  1. Oscillist – A New Shade Of Blue
  2. Omni Trio – Silver
  3. Breakage – Morning Star
  4. Instra:mental – Pacific Heights
  5. Loxy & Resound – Vertigo
  6. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Minor Nine
  7. Conek4 – Memories Gone
  8. Breakage – The Shroud
  9. Indigo – Time
  10. Skeptical – Another World
  11. Rockwell – Aria
  12. Amit – Immortal
  13. Breakage – Losing Track
  14. Photek – Aleph 1
  15. Grooverider – Starbase
  16. Distance – Fading
  17. Rockwell – Live For The Moment
  18. Stakka & Skynet – So Confused
  19. Klute - Interlude 3 1_01
  20. Instra:mental – Sakura
  21. Amit – I’ll Hunt You
  22. Fanu – When Gods Wake Up
  23. Goldie – Mother VIP (Vocal Mix)
  24. Subwave – Wheel Of Time
  25. Seba – Blaze & Fade Out
  26. Croms – Invisible Cities
submitted by rambling_hiker to DnB [link] [comments]

The Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for June 9, 2017

Jason sure does look different this week! Oh wait, that's Dennis substituting for Jason on this week's Pre-Flight. But that's okay this time around since we're having as much fun as usual reviewing the Tale of Princess Kaguya, talking about our favorite fairy tales, and enjoying a plethora of sneak peeks!
Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode stream link: Toonami stream
Toonami Pre-Flight episode 120: the song that never ends presented by Gill Austin and Dennis!
Summary: Movie of the Week: The Tale of Princess Kaguya - background: Miyatsuko's life changes when he discovers a miniature girl with mysterious origins inside a glowing bamboo shoot - 65 out of 100 on Jason's top 100 anime list - released on November 23, 2013 - took Isao Takahata 5+ years to produce and release - releasing the film was a laborious process because Takahata wanted to create the story by animating over water color, rather than using cel shading - some parts of the film may be rough and not so clean, but the film looks gorgeous with its use of an unconventional style - the blu ray contains an interesting two-part documentary that discusses how this movie was made, check it out of you want to learn how you too can suffer for your art
Question of the Week: What's your favorite fairy tale movie? - Gill: Stardust, Edward Scissorhands, and Ladyhawke - Dennis: The Neverending Story, Pan's Labyrinth, and The Princess Bride - Adult Swim FB: Willow, Maleficient, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and The Princess Bride - Toonami FB: The Black Cauldron, Princess Bride, The Neverending Story, Legend, and Spirited Away
Sneak Peek: Spoiler - Spoiler
Sneak Peek 2: Spoiler - Spoiler
Sneak Peek 3: Spoiler - Spoiler
Sneak Peek 4: Spoiler - Spoiler
One Man's Trash: Gill plays Prey - who needs crew mates when you get rid of them all for an achievement? Apparently not Gill - and a bonus voice appearance from Steve Blum? best achievement ever earned - got a new challenge for Gill? send him a tweet @stupidgill and maybe he'll take you on!
Adult Swim Singles - time to get back on the wild ride with 52 week of free music - a new song will drop every Wednesday, be ready to download! - next up is "Time Stops when I'm with U", by Miha and "Kali Tugs", by Ghostemane X Clams Casino
An unexpected co-host appearance was a nice surprise, thanks for standing in for Jason! Until next Pre-Flight, enjoy the Gundam Unicorn finale (this time for real) and get excited for the premiere of Lupin the Third part 4!.
submitted by WalterOzymandias to Toonami [link] [comments]

[REQUEST] Just dropped a compilation of 15 beats I produced. Looking for rappers to collaborate and catch vibes with on singles/EPs/projects/etc who vibe with my style.

Hey y'all, haha. I produce beats on the side and post them on SoundCloud. I really want anyone who thinks they are a competent rappesinger to lay something over them because I'm not really a rapper myself. I'm trying to work with people that vibe with my stuff and it's been working really well!
Anyways, just for background, I'm inspired by a lot of Kanye West, Clams Casino, cloud rap, future bass, EDM-inspired type production. I'm not saying I'm a professional producer or beatmaker by any means, but I hope they're enough of a foundation for someone to lay dope shit over.
I've got a decent catalog of beats on my SoundCloud, which I've organized into a makeshift album/beat tape here. Feel free to choose a different beat if you're interested. There are a lot and have different vibes and flavors so it's up to you. Most of the beats are downloadable in WAV format. To be honest, I'm really interested in getting vocals over all my beats, so please PM me if you're interested in a more involved collaboration!
Some of my favorite beats -
BUMPZ - Hard-hitting, bouncy, space-y, electronic trap vibes, aliens turning up and doing drugs in space type stuff.
HLGNZ - Straight hooligan shit. Heavy bass, synth, piano. Tried to mix some ominous trap vibes with some thumping club vibes.
N!T3Z - I recently got a new Maschine MK3 and this is the first beat I've made since the initial learning curve. Really lush, melodic spacey vibes.
FACTZ - Bright, video game vibes. Went for a Super Mario Sunshine feel to experiment with making my own sounds.
V!B3Z - Really chill, West Coast, highway cruising feel.
DAY1Z - Groovy, synth-y beat with modern bass and drum rhythms, with a nice flow change near the 2 minute mark.
YUGHZ - Relatively fast, aggressive beat a la YBN Nahmir, Playboi Carti.
Feel free to PM me if you're interested in working together. I would greatly appreciate it!
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{Album} Joji BALLADS 1 Download Album Free

Joji - 2018 Album BALLADS 1
​ Joji - BALLADS 1
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Artist: Joji
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Track List: ​ 1.ATTENTION
  4. CAN'T GET OVER YOU (feat. Clams Casino)
  6. WHY AM I STILL IN LA (feat. Shlohmo & D33J)
  7. NO FUN
  9. R.I.P. (feat. Trippie Redd)
  10. XNXX
  11. I'LL SEE YOU IN 40

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TURN 2 DIE (PROD. BY CLAMS CASINO) FREE FOR PROFIT Clams Casino /Indie/Bedroom Pop/Lofi ... FREE  Healing Pain PT.2 - LiL PEEP x Clams Casino TYPE ... [FREE] CLAMS CASINO X XXYYXX TYPE BEAT - MY HEAD HURTS ... Clams Casino - I'm God (With download link) - YouTube [Free] Clams Casino Type Beat [Prod. Sandman] - YouTube [FREE] FLYING LOTUS X CLAMS CASINO BEAT

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[index] [27826] [15770] [9709] [11538] [891] [5917] [17356] [7209] [33205] [19533]


Free Download Here: This beat may not be used for profit/gain without purchase or written consent from Urchin. C... FANTASY BEDS MIXTAPE FREE DOWNLOAD ภาพยนตร์,ภาพยนตร์,หวยซองชี้ขาดล่าง งวดวันที่ 1 มีนาคม 2563 ขอให้โชคดี-เลข ... 32 Levels is sick yall should listen to it.What other packs should I upload?Subscribe for more!Download - download here at : did you know it's what I always wantedwell you have to quit kicking me under the tabletaking me... (Free for Profit, *MUST CREDIT ME IN TITLE*) KEY: Dflat Major BPM: 118 Free download: instagram: prod.wellfed email: [email protected] [Free] Clams Casino Type Beat [Prod. Sandman] Clams Casino Type Beat [Free]Follow my IG plz - by me (Sandman)As us... Free to use for non-profit ONLY with credit (prod. sketchmyname). 💵 Purchase Instant Delivery [untagged] : 🔥 Subscribe for more bea... Free Download Here: beat is free for non-profit. To obtain licensing either purchase beat from beat store or...